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Welcome to military Badges of the British Army.   This site offers mainly British badges for sale. Some dealers would have you believe in a world of limitless original badges, this dose not exist so I have listed the re-strike badges are under the appropriate pages listed on the left, these are sold at realistic prices that are affordable to collectors, these badges would be unavailable to collectors if not for re-strikes.

Original badges or better quality badges

are listed under this name

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I hope that this simple, easy-to-use website will provide collectors a friendly place to expand their growing collections and with confidence, brought a badge knowing what it is.

  Collections and single badges purchased      please send details.

I am also interested in purchasing any       British medals you may have for sale.

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I hope you enjoy this website of military badges of the British Army,

 If you do not have a paypal account please email for an alternative method of payment.


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Returns are accepted for any reason providing the badges are returned in the same condition as were sent and are returned within 7 days of being received. After the badges are returned to me payment will be refunded immediately, less postage costs

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